aerccfr/ June 23, 2018/ Delicious Meal

It’s time to discover some of the best restaurants in all of Fredericksburg. You want something good to eat, and I’ve got you covered. It’s not easy hitting a new city and finding the places serving up the most delicious food. So allow me to tell you about four of the top places for dining out while you’re making your way around to all the popular attractions in Fredericksburg VA.

Cork and Table may have a simple name, but it’s a great place to grab a meal. Make your way to Caroline Street, which is a popular area in Fredericksburg. Dine on crab and corn chowder, toffee pudding, lamb chops and all kinds of delectable menu items. The place is said to have great wine for those pairings. It’s a place to wine and dine yourself if you get my drift.

The last place was all about great food and wine, and this next place is a bakery and cafe. Eileen’s Bakery & Cafe is also on Caroline Street. Not only can you enjoy delicious baked goods, but you can have a great breakfast at this cafe. They are known for their breakfast wraps, and the place is in what used to be a church. People say that you can expect good prices and nice sized pastries, too.

Now you’re going to be introduced to one of the best diners in Fredericksburg. The name of the place is 2400 Diner, and it’s located on Princess Anne Street. Order up a short stack, clam chowder, a Greek omelet, a gyro and all kinds of great eats. Some diners you go to don’t really have that feel, but this place does based on the reviews. And to back that up, people say that place has been around since the 1950’s.

Now that’s a true diner. And there is one more restaurant to mention. You’re going to know where to get some delicious barbecue in Fredericksburg, too. The name of the place is Allman’s BBQ. It is on Jefferson Davis Highway, and you’re going to be able to choose from all of your favorites. Allman’s BBQ serves up pulled pork, ribs, a barbecue sandwich and all the sides, among other things. This is Virginia barbecue, so maybe that’s something new for you.

In fact, all these restaurants will be new for you. There is a bakery, a diner, a barbecue place and a restaurant known for its wine pairings. Pick a place that fits your tastes for the day, and then it’s time to eat a good meal in Fredericksburg.