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Best Farm to Table Restaurants in the State of South Carolina
Reviews and contact information for our select list of restaurants in Charleston serving farm-to-table cuisine:

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Holly Herrick on the best farm-to-table restaurants in South Carolina
Though relatively small, South Carolina is loaded with geographical diversity, spanning from the Lowcountry (a sixty mile stretch of low-lying land) to the rocky ridges of the upstate and the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Its long-standing and prolific agrarian traditions, lyme-rich soil, and one of the longest growing seasons in the country make South Carolina a hot bed for fructuous farming, delicious seasonal produce, and carefully crafted artisanal meats and cheeses. In Charleston, the culinary seat of the state, decorated chefs like FIG's Mike Lata, a 2009 James Beard winner, and McCrady's Sean Brock, a 2010 James Beard nominee, put farm-to- table produce front and center on their tantalizing menus. Chef Lata has long been an ardent supporter of local farmers and can put a spin on fresh roasted beets unlike no other. Chef Brock not only works daily magic with fresh produce and heirloom pigs, he grows his own in his bio-dynamic garden that he tends personally, before heading downtown to the restaurant everyday.

Holly Herrick
February 23, 2010

Acclaimed cookbook author Holly Herrick is an award-winning food writer who was previously the restaurant critic at Charleston's only newspaper, the Post and Courier. A graduate of Boston College and a recipient of Le Grande Diplome in pastry and cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, Holly is a certified chef who puts her palate, creativity and experience to use in manifesting tasty recipes using the freshest produce available throughout the growing season. Her work has appeared in Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Low-country Living, and Southern Living. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina.






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