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Best Farm to Table Restaurants in the State of California
Reviews and contact information for our select list of restaurants in California serving farm-to-table cuisine:

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Maurice Graham Henry on the best farm-to-table restaurants in California
Maurice Graham HenryThe extraordinary bounty of the farms and vineyards of California make the state one of the best locations in the world to establish an exemplary restaurant.  Is it therefore any surprise that nearly 30% of the restaurants listed on the American Farm to Table Restaurant Guide are located here?  Of these, the majority are located in the greater San Francisco Bay area and the Napa Valley. In Los Angeles, we are pleased to announce that Hatfield's reopened in their new location on February 1st 2010

Maurice Graham Henry
February 1, 2010

Acclaimed critic Francis Bown return to The French Laundry

"You can tell a lot about The French Laundry from the other side of Washington Street. Do not look at the building which houses America’s most famous restaurant. Instead, turn around and see what is behind you. It is a cultivated area with a flagpole. Its three acres comprise perhaps the most valuable vegetable garden in California. It provides about a third of the produce used in the kitchen of the French Laundry by Thomas Keller and his brilliant Chef de Cuisine, Timothy Hollingsworth. The point is that nothing is too much trouble when it comes to Mr Keller’s pursuit of perfection. If it means growing his own vegetables on his own land, then he will grow his own vegetables on his own land."


Award-winning food stylist Katie Christ visits Frances restaurant in San Francisco

"I have a charming new neighbor named Frances. Most of us in San Francisco know about Frances, the sweet new restaurant of chef/owner Melissa Perello that opened a couple of months ago to a massively warm welcome."


Chez Panisse: Best Restaurant in America?

Restaurant critic Vedat Milor (who has dined at Chez Panisse more than 200 times since his student days at Berkeley in the early eighties) provides an especially insightful look at the three most often heard criticisms about the restaurant and its cooking.


Food Snob reviews Manresa restaurant in Los Gatos CA

The cooking, precise and skilled, was informed by the chef’s comprehensive culinary experiences and preferences. It was a gastronomic journey that revealed where Kinch has been and what he has liked. Tonight, the ambience, scene and the service, all came together with the food, to deliver an excellent and exciting evening that was instantly and sincerely memorable.







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